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Urinary Incontinence - Fremont, CAIf you’re suffering with a bladder control problem, know that you are not alone. Millions of women in the United States have urinary incontinence. Many of these women also have some type of pelvic prolapse – a relaxation of the muscles and structures that support the pelvic organs. Because these are such highly personal issues, many women are hesitant to bring them to the attention of their doctor, perhaps because they don’t realize just how common – or treatable – they are.

With the care of an understanding, sensitive, skilled and experienced physician, urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse can be treated effectively, often in ways that are remarkably patient-friendly. Our board-certified gynecologist, Shakira B. Karipineni, MD, offers effective, proven treatment methods and great compassion for women with these kinds of issues.

What is urinary incontinence & what causes it?

Incontinence is the loss of normal control of your bladder and is characterized by abnormal frequency of urges or leakage. Incontinence can keep you from engaging in your usual social interactions or favorite activities and can negatively impact your self-image.

There are several causes of urinary incontinence, including aging processes, certain diseases, anatomical defects and side effects of certain medications. Pelvic prolapse is another primary cause for the condition and can affect the bladder, uterus, vagina and rectum, causing a whole host of troubling related conditions.

Treating urinary incontinence.

We perform a complete workup and advanced testing, including a voiding cystogram, to accurately diagnose urinary incontinence and pelvic prolapse. We will spend time with you, listen to your concerns, answer your questions and explain your options in detail. We will help you understand your body better and educate you about caring for yourself after your treatment. We offer a variety of effective treatment methods for urinary incontinence, including:

Bladder retraining – Through education and counseling, we can help you regain control.

Muscle exercises – Many incontinence issues can be alleviated with regular exercises to strengthen pelvic muscles.

Biofeedback – With electronic information from your body, biofeedback helps you learn to use your muscles again.

Diet & nutrition – Proper diet and a healthy lifestyle can help minimize certain symptoms of incontinence.

Minimally invasive surgery – For those rare patients whose conditions warrant surgery, we offer the minimally invasive tension-free vaginal tape (TVT) procedure and various appropriate state-of-the-art sling procedures using fascia lata and other materials to strengthen the bladder and rectum with longer-lasting repairs. TVT, for example, supports your bladder and helps prevent accidental leakage. It also offers a relatively quick recovery time.

Why wait to confront your incontinence?

Don’t let embarrassment and discomfort govern your life any longer. Look to Deccan Pacific Medical Group for the advanced solutions you need for your incontinence problem. Call and schedule your appointment today.

Please visit our Patient Education Library to learn more about incontinense treatment.

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