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Excellence in general surgery:

Noninvasive & minimally invasive surgical solutions.

For years, almost any kind of general surgery meant large incisions, open procedures, lengthy recovery periods and even longer scars. Today, thanks to advances in surgical training, techniques and technology, many procedures that were once performed as open surgeries have been dramatically improved. They have been replaced by minimally invasive methods that are equally or more effective and produce smaller scars, less pain and faster recovery. Seeing a general surgeon does not necessarily mean you are going to have surgery.

General surgeons can often treat a condition or disease without surgery, and many see surgery, even minimally invasive surgery, as a treatment option of last resort. Deccan Pacific Medical Group’s board-certified general surgeons are highly experienced in one of today’s most advanced minimally invasive surgical methods: “scope” surgery, also known as laparoscopy. Whether you have breast cancer or a digestive, thyroid or hernia problem, you need complete, specialized care and treatment.

Dr. Ramesh C. Karipineni, for example, uses the latest minimally invasive procedures.  We also perform: Colorectal cancer screening & surgery Stomach cancer surgery Thyroid & endocrine surgery Gallbladder repair Hernia repair Hemorrhoid removal Gastric bypass GERD/heartburn treatment Breast cancer removal & reconstruction More than excellent care. A real program. Our program allows patients to spend time with us.

At DPMG in Fremont, California, our general surgeons and professional staff take complete histories and perform thorough exams. We explain everything and then look for nonsurgical treatment options first. If surgery is needed, we use proven state-of-the-science procedures and technology. We perform most diagnostic testing onsite, often with same-day test results. We perform surgery in our fully accredited onsite surgical center. After surgery, we work closely with trusted providers to support patients with the most complete, most effective follow-up care. In fact, everything we do is aimed at achieving the excellent outcomes we’re known for. In addition to skill and experience, our general surgeons put true dedication and compassion into every aspect of their care. Each patient’s needs are considered carefully, with special attention and time paid to individual circumstances.

To learn more about our general surgery program in Fremont, California, or to refer a loved one, please call DPMG at 510-284-4100 or use our online contact form to contact us today! If you want to request an appointment with one of our Doctors, please use our online appointment request form.

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