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Excellence in vascular surgery:

Promoting healthy blood flow in arteries & veins

About 1.5 million Americans suffer heart attacks each year. Another 700,000 suffer strokes, or “brain attacks.” Half of the heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels, and many occur in people without other risk factors (high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, diabetes or family history). Most strokes occur in people older than 65. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained vascular surgeons perform:

Peripheral vascular disease diagnosis & treatment Stroke prevention with carotid surgery Abdominal aortic aneurysm repair Stenting for abdominal aortic aneurysm Radiofrequency ablation (vein removal) Vascular access for dialysis Varicose vein treatment (laser, sclerotherapy) Leg bypass

For the ultimate in patient and referring physician convenience, our center of excellence has its own vascular lab (the only one in the area) onsite, and we work closely with a board-certified cardiologist. In addition, we have our own fully accredited surgery center onsite. We also offer advice and counseling to protect not only your heart and circulatory system but your overall health, energy, vitality and vigor. So the next years of your life can be the best years of your life. Though our vascular surgeons are surgeons, many of the procedures we perform are painless and without side effects. No needles, catheters or dyes are needed. We use advanced ultrasound and Doppler technologies to evaluate arteries and veins through intact skin using handheld probes and blood pressure cuffs. And we offer sound medical advice about how you can protect yourself against circulation problems, heart attack or stroke. That includes lifestyle and nutrition advice. More than excellent care. A real program.

Our program allows patients to spend time with us. We take complete histories and perform thorough exams. We explain everything and then look for nonsurgical treatment options first. If surgery is needed, we use proven state-of-the-science procedures and technology. We perform most diagnostic testing onsite, often with same-day test results. We perform surgery in our fully accredited onsite surgical center. After surgery, we work closely with trusted providers to support patients with the most complete, most effective follow-up care. In fact, everything we do is aimed at achieving the excellent outcomes we’re known for. In addition to skill and experience, our vascular surgeons put true dedication and compassion into every aspect of their care. Each patient’s needs are considered carefully, with special attention and time paid to individual circumstances.

To learn more about our vascular surgery program in Fremont, California or to refer a loved one, please call Deccan Pacific Medical Group at 510-284-4100 or use our online contact form to contact us today! If you want to request an appointment with one of our Doctors, please use our online appointment request form.

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